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Ignore the Lines

The description of Ignore the Lines:

Cullen Clark uses his experience in biotechnology—plus a host of athletic and survival skills—to take on a series of challenges created by an oncologist gone rogue. Cullen and his wife, Bree, along with Karl Waller—a 74-year-old with amazing mental and physical skills—team up to take on oncologist Burt Wheeler and his brother who are using Harley Gentry, an orphan with cancer, to make money, all at Harley’s expense. Along the way, Cullen fights feelings that his best friend, Peter West, died because Cullen didn’t push hard enough—wouldn’t cross social lines—to get Peter’s oncologist to try harder, and that oncologist was Wheeler. With motorcycles, MacGyver-like contraptions, a team of family and friends and a promise to cross any line in his way, Cullen soon battles not just Wheeler, but a gang of professional criminals. The question is: Can Cullen and company defeat the criminals in time to save Harley’s life?